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Eliminate all that is unnecessary from my life.

  • Better financial security
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Focus on what's important

Cleaning and organising

  1. Clean less, more frequently
  2. Create piles of "stuff" that no longer adds value, remove it all at once
  3. Create systems for storing essential items

Buying stuff

  1. Before buying, consider the value the product will add
  2. Buy fewer, higher quality things that last longer (Massdrop, Apple)
  3. Sell or give away what you have before upgrading
  4. Avoid eBay, Aliexpress, IKEA, etc
  5. Ignore retail employee upsell, understand the product you're buying

Selling stuff

After many horrible experiences trying to sell my stuff on Gumtree I've decided to:

  1. Donate stuff instead
  2. Gift stuff to friends or family instead
  3. Sell stuff to friends or family instead at a really good price*

*By really good price, I mean practically free. Once I'm selling something I've decided that it no longer adds value to my life. Unless I need to recoup the cost of the item (which is likely if it was a big purchase) I would prefer to help my friends and family out with a great deal.