Gaming on Arch Linux

Gaming on Linux is getting better and better every day. This is a collection of configurations that I've found while using Arch.

Graphics Drivers & Gaming

Install the nvidia and nvidia-settings packages. EZ PZ.


Gaming under Linux can be problematic with Nvidia drivers. I've managed to find a good balance for my current system setup.

Some things I've tried to eliminate tearing and stutter in games and on the desktop:

  1. compton runnng w/ vsync off + full composition pipeline = hectic input lag, no tearing
  2. compton not running + full composition pipeline = same as 1
  3. no composition pipeline + compton vsync on = serious stutter, low(er) input lag
  4. no composition pipeline + compton vsync off = tearing city, unplayable
  5. no composition pipeline + compton not running = same as 4
  6. a bunch of different compton configurations, too many combinations to list here

I've settled on no compositor and no composition pipeline coupled with the mouse acceleration config below. It seems to give the best results when it comes to tearing, input lag, and stutter.

Bluetooth Xbox One S Controller

Install this awesome linux driver to get out of the box support for using the Xbox controller via bluetooth.

Mouse Sensitivity

I had a lot of trouble working out how to completely disable software mouse acceleration. Finally worked out that using the libinput driver solves literally all of my problems.


Section "InputClass"
  Identifier "My Mouse"
  Driver "libinput"
  MatchIsPointer "yes"
  Option "AccelProfile" "flat"


Steam works very well on Arch Linux. Install the steam and steam-fonts packages.

If steam fails to start, make sure that lib32-nvidia-utils is installed.

These packages will create a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications, remember to set Hidden=true on the native desktop file.


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