I've learned through minimalism that clothing really doesn't matter all that much. After trying out wearing the same thing every day for 2 weeks it became apparent that it doesn't matter to my friends or my colleagues what I wear. No one even noticed unless I pointed it out.

Since then, I've donated, recycled, or thrown out pretty much my entire wardrobe in an effort to replace everything with things I can wear every day without thinking about it. I've ended up with a far smaller wardrobe, being more relaxed in the mornings, and feeling less stressed about laundry.

I now wear the same thing every day effectively reducing the number of decisions that I'm forced to make while still feeling comfortable and retaining my "metal head" style.


  • 10 identical dark grey tshirts from ascolour.
  • 2 identical plain black pairs of super skinny jeans from JayJays
  • 1 pair of plain black, biker detail super skinny jeans from ASOS
  • 1 black leather belt from H&M
  • 1 pair of Lakai skate shoes
  • Assorted plain colour socks and underwear


  • Heavy faux leather biker/skater style hooded jacket from Conner, black+grey of course
  • Lighter denim and cotton hooded jacket from H&M in black and grey
  • Light grey beanie from H&M
  • Black snapback cap


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