Ezmode Tuna Bake

Here's how I make Tuna Bake.


  • 500g Leggo's (or Dolmio) Tuna Bake Sauce jar
  • 2-3 cups of tube-like pasta (rigatoni, penne, etc)
  • 425g tuna
  • 250g block of tasty cheese


  1. Cook pasta, preheat oven to 180deg
  2. Once pasta is cooked, strain and pour into oven-safe dish
  3. Mix in can of tuna and tuna bake sauce
  4. Grate enough cheese to cover the top of the entire dish
  5. Cook in oven on fan-forced grill for 20 minutes
  6. Once cheese is starting to brown after 20 minutes, take out to cool
  7. Serve

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