Music in 2020

As part of my 2020 goals, I want to expand the genres of music that I listen to. This is an ongoing list of what I've enjoyed enough to add to this list.


Artist Album Year Link
Arcade Fire Funeral 2004 Discogs
Beach Bunny Prom Queen 2008 Discogs
Clairo Immunity 2019 Discogs
Girl In Red Beginnings 2019 Discogs
Michael Kiwanuka Kiwanuka 2019 Discogs
Miles Davis Kind of Blue 1959 Discogs
Mogwai Every Country's Sun 2017 Discogs
Nat King Cole This is Nat "King" Cole 1957 Discogs


Artist Album Year Link
Billie Eillish Everything I wanted 2019 Discogs
Billie Eillish When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? 2019 Discogs
My Enemies & I Sick World 2015 Discogs
Rameses B Cosmonauts 2020 Discogs
Tyler, The Creator Scum Fuck Flower Boy 2017 Discogs
Tyler, The Creator Wolf 2013 Discogs


Artist Album Year Link
Saviour A Lunar Rose 2020 Discogs
Sleepy Fish My Room Becomes the Sea 2019 Bandcamp
Tycho Simulcast 2020 Discogs
less.people Online Mall Music 2020 Soundcloud


Artist Album Year Link
Various Artists Jazz For a Rainy Afternoon 1998 Discogs
Pandrezz Relief 2020
French 79 Olympic 2016 Discogs


Artist Album Year Link
Ghost Data Cruel Choreography 2020
Ghost Data Void Walker 2019 Discogs
Fraternal Twin Skin Gets Hot 2019 Discogs


Artist Album Year Link
DIIV Deceiver 2019 Discogs
Dream on, Dreamer What If I Told You It Doesn't Get Better 2020 Discogs
Snail Mail Lush 2018 Discogs


Artist Album Year Link
Blazo Colors of Jazz 2011 Discogs
City Girl Goddess of the Hollow 2020 Discogs
City Girl Neon Impasse 2018 Discogs
City Girl Siren of the Formless 2020 Discogs
Louie Zong Pocket 2020
Make Them Suffer How to Survive a Funeral 2020 Discogs
Metrik Ex Machina 2020 Discogs
The Midnight Monsters 2020 Discogs


Artist Album Year Link
Alfa Mist Antiphon 2017 Discogs
Dayseeker Sleeptalk 2019 Discogs
Diskette Park Curve Sequences 2020 Discogs
Hotel Pools Still 2020


Artist Album Year Link
beabadoobee Loveworm 2019 Discogs
beabadoobee Patched Up 2019 Discogs
Lane 8 Cross Pollination 2020
Crown the Empire Sudden Sky 2019 Discogs

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