Knowledge Rules

As I explore documenting everything, I think I'll need to set a few groud-rules for contributing to this project.

  1. Page titles should be title case
  2. Content headings should be sentence case
  3. Lists should never be written as sentences with full stops
  4. Code snippets should always specify the language
  5. Categories should follow a consistent pattern
  6. Links sections should be titled "Links" or "See also" with level 2 heading
  7. Category folders should be capitalised
  8. File name should be kebab-case

Content properties

  • Type: Note
  • Category: Meta
  • Tags:
  • Custom slug: None

This is a preview of a simpler page design that I'm working on over the next little bit. I've finally added a (click it!) but there's still a few pages left to be converted so don't worry if things don't look quite right just yet 🙏

Content on blog pages use the CC-BY-SA license. The source code and notes use the MIT license. Unsure? Mention me on Mastodon.