Borg Backup

In order to create offsite backups for my various self-hosted services I use BorgBackup. It is heavily inspired by their Automating backups article.


Download this backup script and place it in /bin/borg-backup.

This script supports adding a .nobackup file to a directory to avoid backing it up.

First, create the borg repository. This command will prompt you for a passphrase to encrypt the backup with.

borg init --encryption=repokey /path/to/repo.borg

Create a cronjob with sudo crontab -e to run this script at some interval:

0 17 * * * export BORG_PASSPHRASE=password; borg-backup /path/to/repo.borg /path/to/dir

Backblaze B2

I use the following naming structure for B2 buckets and Borg repositories:

  • Borg repository: service-name.borg
  • Bucket name: service-name-borg

Create a script at /bin/rclone-sync with the contents:

rclone sync "/mnt/backup/$1.borg" "backblaze-$1:$1-borg"

To sync these Borg repositories to Backblaze B2 I use Rclone in a crontab with the following:

0 19 * * * export RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS=CONFIG_PASS; rclone-sync service-name

This will sync the service-name.borg repo to the bucket service-name-borg in B2.


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