Music player deamon.


Install the required software:

sudo aura -S mpd ncmpcpp mpdscribble
sudo aura -Aa mpd-mpris

Set up the required files. See my dotfiles for mpd/ncmpcpp here.

touch ~/.config/mpd/{database,log,pid,state,sticker.sql}

Configure mpdscribble (~/.mpdscribble/mpdscribble.conf) with your credentials:


Start the services (use enable to run them at boot)

systemctl --user start mpd mpdscribble mpd-mpris


Playerctl is a CLI controller for a number of music players. I have some keybindings in i3 to interact with this.

sudo aura -S playerctl

Ensure that the mpd-mpris.service is running and check available players with playerctl -l. If anything is returned it should work.


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