A collection of unix tools that I've used either frequently or infrequently along with some nice aliases or example commands.


I use zsh for my shell. The community and plugins supporting it are fantastic and well documented.


Zplug is a plugin manager for zsh, it's super fast and works really well with an easy syntax to follow.


Zplugin is an even faster plugin manager for zsh.


Pure is a clean, minimal, and pretty looking prompt for zsh. It shows git branches and changes, SSH usernames, and command execution times.

I typically install this with zplug with the following.

zplug "mafredri/zsh-async", \

zplug "sindresorhus/pure", \
  use:pure.zsh, \
  from:github, \


Direnv lets you define environment variables locally to a folder container a .envrc file instead of polluting your global .zshrc.

It's available via the AUR on Arch Linux or Homebrew on macOS. Once it's installed, add the following somewhere in your .zshrc.

eval "$(direnv hook zsh)"


Thefuck is a utility that will repeat the last command you made correctly if you made a typo. ie.

$ git pshu

git: 'pshu' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.
The most similar command is

$ fuck
git push

I typically install this with zplug and my OS package manager (named thefuck).

zplug "plugins/thefuck", \


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