What 2020 means for me

January 02, 20201 minute

2019 was what I think I'd consider my first year of true self-improvement. I learned a lot about myself, what matters to me, and ideas that have helped me live a simpler and more intentional lifestyle. This year I'm doubling down on this and holding myself accountable against some specific goals in my personal and professional environments.


  1. Publish 1 article about programming concepts or ideas every month
  2. Provide at least 2 workshop sessions for my colleagues
  3. Learn a new programming language (pick 1 from Kotlin, Rust, or Go)
  4. Launch at least 1 product with a paid offering
  5. Join and participate in at least 1 additional group/club at the office
  6. Take at least 1 professional course for programming


  1. Read at least 4 books, 1 every 3 months
  2. Listen to a wider variety of music genres and document what I enjoy
  3. Wear my glasses while using the computer
  4. Reduce time spent on Reddit, Hacker News, and Twitter
  5. Exercise for at least 5 minutes every morning
  6. Join at least 1 protest for climate change inaction
  7. Stop using these crutch words

    • basically, essentially, apparently
    • actually, like, literally, just
    • so (ending sentences with) and "so, yeah"

These goals may change depending on my circumstances or needs throughout the year but my aim is to use this post as a way to keep myself accountable of what I want to achieve in 2020.

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